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The WAA Anti-Drug & Alcohol Consortium

The WAA operates a low-cost non-profit Anti-Drug & Alcohol Consortium.

The program performs the required random drug/alcohol drawing for testing; allowing small companies to share the benefits of belonging to a larger consortium. Additional support is available to assist your company to be in DOT/FAA compliance. Employees are randomly drawn from all the consortium members.

If an employee has been selected for a drug/alcohol test the WAA notifies the company's Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Manager by letter or email allowing the company Program Manager until the end of the period to send the selected employee to be tested. The employee must have no prior notice of his/her selection but is required to go immediately to the test site where the test will be administered.

If a Program Manager is selected, he/she will be notified by telephone and/or FAX and is required to go immediately to the test site where the test will be administered.

Joining Process for Companies

If you are interested in having your company join this program please download, and complete, a copy of the Anti-Drug & Alcohol Consortium application.

After you have completed the necessary sections on this form, return them to the WAA Program Manager. If you are going to be a Part 91.147 operator you must be registered with:

Office of Aerospace Medicine, Drug Abatement Division (AAM-810)
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue, S.W, Washington, DC 20591

Download a copy of this application/ registration here.

New Members:

Do not send employees to have Pre-Employment Tests until you have received an approved copy of this application.

You may not use an employee in a safety-sensitive position until you receive a proper notification from the WAA MRO.

After the application and annual membership fees have been submitted; your company will be sent a copy of the Drug Core Program, Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program as well as presentations, training records, and other materials.

If you have any questions please contact Jamelle Garcia , Program Manager, WAA Anti-Drug & Alcohol Consortium at 888-329-1114 or by email.