Mountain and Canyon Flying Workshop 2013

Lori MacNichol
McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC

Wewere pleased to welcome back, by popular demand, Lori MacNichol!

Lori conducted a two day intensive Mountain & Canyon Flying workshop at the 2013 NW Aviation Conference which built and refreshed on knowledge you may have gained at her 2011 presentation series.

The focus of the courses stressed the importance of a pilot knowing themselves, their aircraft, and the environment. This workshop assisted in the endeavor to obtain the skills and tools to operate safely in the unique and challenging environment of backcountry mountain and canyon flying.

Lori MacNichol :
Lori is the founder and owner of Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, discovered her true calling in aviation, as an instructor and teacher. She has received worldwide recognition for this talent. ATP-CFII-CFMEII-SES, Idaho Aviation Safety FAAST Representative, Boise FSDO BS Aviation Technology, Owner/Founder - McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC, Owner/Mountain Aviation Corporation, FBO & flight school

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Registration Benefits:
Registration included four (4) 90 minute sessions, manual/workbook; catered lunch SATURDAY with Lori MacNichol and admission to the event both days.

Registered attendeeswere entered in a draw to win a custom fitted aircraft cover, including imprint (logo and/or N-number) and duffle bag ( up to $550.00 value) donated by Bruce's Custom Covers!Thank you Bruce's!

Why Register? Lori's seminars were very good ... and very popular... so we had limited attendance to make sure everyone has a seat! She also produced a information manual for each attendee and we wanted to help her defer the costs! Drop-in was permitted for no fee as space permited but first priority was given to registered attendees; no manual, certificate or lunch was provided to non-registered attendees. Thank you for your support!


Cost is $45/pp. Seating limited, registered attendees will receive priority seating.

CALL NOW: 866-922-7469/ locally 360-427-5599 to register by phone or email Rachel with any questions!



Mountain & Canyon Flying Workshop Outline

DAY I : SATURDAY, February 23, 2013
Fundamentals of Mountain and Canyon Flying

Preparing the Aircraft and Pilot for Mountain/Canyon Flight: SAT @ 9:15 am

  1. Preparing Your Aircraft
  2. Getting the Numbers for Mountain and Canyon Flight: Aircraft Performance Work Sheet
  3. Steep Stabilized Approach: How do we do it and Why do we like it!
  4. Backcountry Take Off Procedures
  5. Emergency Canyon Turns: The Mind Set of having a Way Out!

II: Density Altitude: SAT @ 2:15 pm

  1. Determining Density Altitude (DA)
  2. Reduction in Engine Horsepower due to DA Increase
  3. Power Loading and Weight Reduction
  4. Takeoff Performance: Ground Roll to the 50ft Tree
  5. Climb Performance: Power Reserve for Climb
  6. Landing Performance

DAY II : SUNDAY, February 24, 2013
Advanced Airmanship of Backcountry Flying

I: Landing Areas: Overhead Observation  & Abort Point Aviation: SUN @10:15am

  1. Runway Surface Conditions and Hazards
  2. Game or Livestock on the Runway
  3. Other Aircraft Operations
  4. Runway Gradient
  5. Wind Directions and Intensity
  6. Gradient vs. Wind
  7. Surrounding Terrain and Obstacles
  8. Planned Approach Path
  9. Planned Departure Path
  10. Emergency Landing Spots for Approach and Departure
  11. Abort Point Aviation

II: Flying the Approach - Confined Areas: SUN @1:00 pm

  1. Every Good Landing Starts in the Pattern
  2. Aim-Point Airspeed
  3. Ability to Move the Aim-Point
  4. The Backcountry Landing
  5. You’ve Landed! Now What?

Lori MacNichol is the founder and owner of McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, a flight school located in McCall, ID. This school provides an educational introduction to the special type of airmanship skills and knowledge needed to operate safely in the unique environment of the mountain and canyons of the backcountry.

Lori conducts aviation safety seminars for general aviation pilots and many advanced specialty groups such as US Air Force “Special Operations Services”, US Border Patrol, US Forest Service, and the National Transportation Safety Board.

She is currently involved in the preservation of the Wilderness Airstrips across the nation and has been invited to speak in Washington, D.C. during Congressional Hearings, giving testimony in favor of preserving backcountry airstrips. She has had the opportunity to work with Idaho Public Television’s series “Outdoor Idaho” titled “Flying Idaho” and has been hosted on segments of “Back Country Pilots” and the History Channel Series “Modern Marvels” titled “Runways.”

Striving to foster the love of aviation and share the beauty of air travel in the mountain wilderness, Lori continues to travel and speak at seminars and conventions across the United States and Canada, radiating her enthusiasm for flying and teaching. She considers herself blessed to be able to spend every day doing what she loves best. “Teaching Mountain/Canyon Flying”!


Pilots, flight instructors and mechanics may earn credit for attending selected seminars and workshops at the Northwest Aviation Conference.

As you attend sessions, be sure to sign in on the cards provided. Cards will be collected at the end of the session.

It is your responsibility to sign in at each session.

Fly In Attendees & Links

You can fly into Pierce County/ Thun Field with your own plane! In 2013 the shuttle van from Pierce County Airport went Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8:30 am on Saturday; and 9:30 am on Sunday.

Thank you Spencer Aircraft and SIM Flight Center for sponsoring Shuttle!

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Workshop Registration

Registration: four (4) 90 minute sessions, manual; lunch SATURDAY with Lori MacNichol and admission and be entry to win aircraft cover.

Cost is $45/pp. Seating limited, registered attendees receive priority seating.

Drop-in permitted for no fee as space permits but priority to registered attendees; no manual, certificate nor lunch, nor entry for prizes will be provided to non-registered attendees.