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February 20 2015 | 8am - 3 pm

In 2014 we are thrilled to once again expand the event to provide timely sessions designed to help businesses, airports and individuals have a prosperous and rewarding future in aviation.

Businesses will find specialized information on marketing, leadership, insurance, human resources, tax incentives and tips to be successful in aviation. Airports will find conversations on all aspects of managing, operating and growing their facilities.

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If you know individuals, young and old, who are considering career options in aviation - this will be an important event!

Cost is $35/person and includes registration & lunch as well as admission to the Conference, February 21/22 2015.

Current and prospective pilots and other aviation professionals were invited to learn more about the imminent changes in the industry and get tools to follow a successful path in aviation.

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You can fly into Pierce County/ Thun Field with your own plane! In 2014 the shuttle ran from Pierce County Airport. SPONSORED BY SPENCER AIRCRAFT & SIM FLIGHT CENTER! Thank you!

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