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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Understand and follow your organization's policies and procedures regarding your role in maintaining a drug-free workplace. Know how it wants you to act on reasonable suspicion and what steps it wants you to follow. This training program is not a substitute for the policy, work rules, and established practices of your organization.

    Use your mouse and click on the blue arrow button found on the upper right to begin training. The "SAVE" and "GO TO" buttons are for interrupted training. If you are interrupted during training, click "Save". Then, exit the course. Upon your return, click the "Go to" button to return where you left off. If you do not click "Save" before exiting, your computer won't remember where you left off.

    FACT SHEETS/HANDOUTS: Fact sheets will appear in near the end of the course. Read these fact sheets. They contain information about alcohol and drug use, addictive disease, and tips for supervisors that are vital to dealing with employees who appear impaired on the job. You may print these pages for your future reference.

    TEST QUESTIONS: There are 35 test questions found at different points throughout the course. Answer these test questions as they appear. Do not skip any course material or you will miss questions necessary to achieve the maximum score on your Certificate of Completion and not complete the required training time. Score your answers to questions as instructed. If you get an answer wrong, answer it again and rescore your test so you achieve a final score of 100% on your Certificate of Completion.

    Do not close out of the course prior to printing your Certificate of Completion. The Certificate of Completion will not be retained after you exit the course.